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Gifting flowers is a relatively modern phenomenon in China however they are significant and meaningful in Chinese culture. Here different flowers have different meanings therefore the time & occasions for sending flowers should be carefully selected according to the situation. Roses, Gerberas, Carnations, Lilies Tulips and Orchids are the most widely gifted flowers in China. We deliver flowers and gifts to anywhere in China including the following cities Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, through our local outlet & flower shops in China

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The 5 Famous Flowers’ in Chinese Culture

Chrysanthemum (Jú huā) They are exceptionally well-liked by Chinese people and symbolize nobility and elegance. Thus, Chrysanthemums are the perfect inspiration for many ancient scholars in China. They also are associated with longevity and perseverance. They often attract positive energy into people’s lives, because of their bright colour.

Peony (Mǔ dān) Known as the “king of flowers” in China. They are also known as the unofficial national flower of China. Their big petals are connected to prosperity, and happiness and also symbolize love and romance. They were often the flower of choice at weddings in ancient China.

Lotus (Hé huā) Is one of the most important flowers in China. Through it grows in muddy ponds and lakes, yet it grows beautifully and gracefully and remains unstained and pure. They also have a strong association with Buddhism.

Plum blossom (Méi huā) known as the “friend of winter” in Chinese culture. Because it blooms in the bitter cold, it symbolizes perseverance, strength, endurance and an unbounded spirit. They are a popular flower in Chinese art.

Orchid (Lán huā) They have been loved by the Chinese people since ancient times since the Chinese people have been cultivating the orchid flower for almost 2000 years. Orchids symbolize love and marriage. Their simple yet elegant look gives artists and poets lots of room to express their creativity.

How To Send Flowers To China The Chinese Way

Flowers are especially meaningful in Chinese culture, adding an additional layer of complexity. Various flowers and colours convey drastically different messages that in turn create a lot of pressure when gifting flowers to China. You’re afraid of breaching strict cultural protocols.
It’s a nice touch to send a potted plant, instead of a bouquet, if the flowers are to be displayed in the home or if you wish to convey an additional sentiment related to growth and life.

Here are a Few General Flower-Gifting Taboos when Gifting Flowers in China.

White flowers and Yellow chrysanthemums are only used at funerals.

A potted plant represents an incompletely cured illness to a sick person.

Thorns and thistles represent pain and difficulty.

Poplar flowers are easily broken and represent an unfaithful woman.

A Failsafe Guide for Flower Delivery to China

The most important occasions in China are Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) the Lantern Festival, the Qingming Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-autumn Festival, etc.

For a Wedding send Pomegranate Flowers. Pomegranate fruit contains lots of seeds and shows as a blessing for newly-married couples to express good wishes for fertility and many sons.

For a Funeral send White and Yellow Chrysanthemums to China. If you’re ordering flowers to China do not include flowers in Red colour or a vase. Red is the colour for happiness and prosperity, which is inappropriate for sympathy and funeral flowers. Send white chrysanthemums to the family of the deceased and a mixture of white and yellow chrysanthemums, if the arrangement is to accompany the funeral home.

For Birthdays, Anniversaries and Happy Occasions send Red Chinese Roses to China. To send wishes for good fortune, wealth and a prosperous future Red is the key colour here. For birthdays, celebrations and new business launches Red Chinese roses are the easiest choice coupled with a golden rod and baby’s breath.

For Love & Romance send Lilies to China. Red lilies pledge enduring love and a happy union lasting a hundred years for committed couples. Definitely a classic choice as they’re beautiful, elegant and pure.

For a Mother or Grandmother for Mother’s Day Flowers in China send Peach Flowers paired with a beautiful vase, they’re a wonderful way to express wishes for a good life to your mom. They are also considered sacred in China representing longevity, prosperity and growth.

For a Father or Grandfather for Father’s Day Flowers in China send Orchids. They are thought to possess certain noble qualities making them a perfect choice to gift a Father or Grandfather.

To show Flawless Elegance send Peonies. They are considered living symbols of nobility. Peonies are associated with wealth and honour, feminine beauty, innocence and charm. Send peonies to China when you wish to express great admiration or to recognize meaningful artistic or creative achievements.

To congratulate someone for Great Achievements send Lotus Flowers to China. They are among the most significant flowers in Chinese culture. Because it emerges unstained and beautiful from muddy water, the lotus provides motivation to persevere through difficult conditions and symbolizes the strength of those with pure hearts and minds.

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